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Thousands of North American businesses use Econo-Clean everyday for their cleaning and degreasing needs. The Tornado Gun, with a 10-1 dilution of Econo-Clean and water, improves and elevates your cleaning and degreasing results to a whole new level.


  • Uses your shop’s compressed air supply. Needs 90 psi minimum to maximum 120 psi.  Optimum setting is 100-105 psi.
  • Quieter than most other brands.
  • Refillable one litre tank.
  • Adjustable. Set lever vertical for cleaning, then set lever horizontal for drying.
  • The Tornado Gun nebulizes the Econo-Clean solution into a powerful mist of tiny aerosol droplets, which quickly penetrates and emulsifies grease or dirt, which then blows away from the surfaces being cleaned. The nozzle tip that dispenses the Econo-Clean aerosol spins at high speeds.
  • Uses are vehicle detailing, cleaning rims and tires, equipment cleaning, quick parts washing & degreasing etc. Use for applications where a pressure washer is not suitable.
  • Three-month guarantee, if used with non-corrosive and biodegradable Econo-Clean and our air regulator set to 105 PSI.  Using higher that 105 PSI will burn-out the Tornado Gun.
  • The Tornado Gun allows you to clean faster and with better results!
  • Speeds up the detailing process by cleaning and drying simultaneously.
  • Allows you to clean areas that cannot be over saturated with liquid such as air vents, speaker covers, odometers, visors, headliners, seatbelts, door panels, carpets, upholstery and leather.
  • Eliminates the need to pressure wash carpeted floor mats and wait for them to dry.  You can clean and dry them in less than 2 minutes per mat.
  • Highly effective for cleaning around rubber moldings and carpeted trunks.


Premium Model ($235): Metal spinning tip in nozzle with metal handle

PSI Air Pressure Regulator included

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 15 in


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